The Services

Live Illustration

Need to add some creative spark to your meeting or workshop? While everyone is the discussing their ideas and opinions I can be there capturing everything visually. It’s a memorable and shareable way to sell your plans to your wider team.

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Explainer visuals

Trying to sell in a complex proposal or pitch? Explainer visuals take your ideas and make them understandable! I can take your message and boil it down to something eye catching, clear and engaging.


Mural design

Looking for a way to grab attention? Whether it’s selling in values to your team or Cider to your customers, I can create a bespoke mural to do the job.



Are you looking to refresh your businesses identity? or are you just starting your business and need an eye catching brand? If you’re looking for an illustrative spin to your visuals I can help with everything from logo concepts though to brand guidelines.


Character Design

Looking to bring your brand or story to life with a bit of character? Wether it’s a group of health conscious monsters or friendly take on your dedicated team members, I can help. With over 30 years of doodling experience anything is possible!


Story Illustration

Visualising stories is my bag! Do you have a story that needs bringing to life? Wether it’s a kid’s book idea or you’re looking for an innovative way to explain your concept – I can be the man to help.


Are you looking to use Live illustration for your next event or workshop?