How does live illustration work?

Live illustration or live scribing is taking verbal information, be that a speaker event, a workshop or even a conversation and recording it live using pictures and words.

Using a mixture of both verbal AND visual cues has been proven to help people digest information better so if you want your team or your clients to pay attention, then live illustration is the perfect way to do it.

Take a look and see how you can make Live illustration work for your business…

The Process

1. Get in touch

You have an event workshop or meeting and want you to capture everything visually – I’m the guy you need! Get in touch and let’s setup an…

2. Initial meeting

Let’s talk though what you’re looking for. Is it an annual meeting? A speaker event? Or perhaps you’re exhibiting and you’re looking for a way to engage your customers. Once I have all of your details I can pull together a…

3. Quote

I’ll sit down and work out a cost based on the length of your session, location and materials needed. I’ll also work out if we need to use boards and a cost for digitising the final illustrations. Once you’re happy I’ll lock in the date and we can organise a…

4. Pre-event catchup

Here we’ll go through all the details for the event, confirming the agenda and making sure we’ve decided on any logos you’ll need on the illustration. I’ll also confirm any colour choices so everything is on brand. We can also discuss any topics you’ll need me to concentrate on or if there’s any subjects you would rather leave off the illustration.

5. Let’s illustrate!

This is the fun part! I arrive at the venue around 45 minutes before the event starts (to make sure everything is set up in time) I’ll then set up the paper on an available wall or if one is not available illustration boards can be rented. As soon as the event starts I’ll be listening in and making sure everything is recorded.

6. Digitisation

After the event is finished you get to keep the final piece but I make sure to take photos of everything so I can make a digital copy of your illustration. You’ll receive png, jpeg and a vectorised PDF Version of the illustration. This means you’ll be able to print at any size, so can use your illustration for anything from social media to an office mural.

Happy clients

About Jim

Hey there! I’m Jim – I’m an illustrator and designer that’s been working in the creative industry for well over a decade. I’ve loved art and illustration since the day I could pick up a pencil and I haven’t stopped since!

Over the years I’ve worked on design, illustration and branding projects big and small and I’ve learned that one of the pillars of great creative is making the complex – uncomplicated! That’s why I decided to start Boo Yeah Illustration Services – it’s about taking complex ideas and making them memorable and accessible to everyone.

Are you looking to use Live illustration for your next event or workshop?