Live illustration

In addition to traditional illustration, I’ve been “live illustrating” or “Live scribing” for over six years now. It’s a simple idea. During your meeting, presentation, workshop or brainstorm I’ll be there with my pens and a large sheet of paper and I’ll visually translate your ideas, phrases, stats and stories into a piece of art.

Over the years I’ve worked with a wide range of clients including Macmillan, RBS, Ted X Brum and The Birmingham Rep.

Why use live illustration?

Live illustration is a great way to give a top line overview of your meeting or brainstorm. Distilling key messages into something that’s memorable and engaging for your attendees. And hey, it beats death by powerpoint!

Like what you see?

Well get in touch then! Pop me an email at where I can show you some more examples of what I can do and we can discuss what you’re looking for at your event.